Engineering Sustainable Energy Solutions

We design, install and maintain state of the art and affordable solar solutions


Going solar is a decision that many of us face these days in the hunt for affordable and reliable power. For some of us it’s about the afford-ability of power compared to grid power, while for other it’s about the reliability and in many cases it’s the need for power as there is no access to grid power. In all three of these instances the type of solar system needed differs and each should be understood properly before starting the hunt for an accredited installer.

Off Grid

  • When NO Eskom power is available
  • Fully independent of the grid
  • All electricity by the sun
  • All electricity by the sun
  • Energy stored in batteries
  • Generator typically employed as backup

Grid Tie

  • When you want to save on the cost of electricity and protect yourself from future price increases
  • No energy stored in batteries - directly usable energy from the sun instead of grid
  • No protection from load shedding and outages
  • Cost-effective - short payback times

Battery Back-Up

  • To prevent load shedding from disrupting your life
  • Could be expanded to become a solar system